Drama script on junk food

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You might also be interested in The Skinny on Fasting Script. Stuff Addicts Support Group Script. That's Not My Jesus Script. The Skinny on Prayer Script. The Skinny on Tithing Script. Heart Department Script. Waiting Room Script.

The Barry Springer Show Script. Romantically Challenged Script. The Holy Ghost Story Script. Observing the Natives Script. License of Use.Tap the calamus image below to get free access to our best collection of stories for children with related activities.

Download it to enjoy our stories whenever you want. Where to start? Download our free Workbook of Valueswatch our animated stories and enjoy Jakhu Stories, our stories for kids app. Below you'll find the story text and a link to download it. Use it to improve the emotional and cognitive development of your children or your baby and enhance your parenting skills. Get these stories. Once upon a time there was a burger who had many lives. Each day she would wake up in the burger bar, and patiently wait her turn to be cooked by the chefsbefore being served to the customers.

The next day the whole process would repeat itself. And, boy, did this make her angry! She was so furious that she almost spontaneously combusted. From then on she realised that many people used that term about her and her sisters.

The burger felt terrible; all this was her fault! So she tried to find some solution, some way they could shake off that terrible name. And then she hit on it. Whenever she saw one of the kids who visited almost dailyshe would choose the best place to be chosen, and would wait to be served. The child sank their teeth into the burger and chewed the mouthful just as usual. That was just the start of what turned out to be a perfect plan.

The burger convinced all her sisters not to have any flavour whenever they were with a customer that visited too often, in return for being even more tasty when the customer came only rarely. In this way they began to see fewer chubby, unhealthy- looking faces in the restaurantand many of their old familiar friends started looking much better, while getting to eat much tastier burgers.

And these burgers became much more popular from then on, because, everywhere, it's more enjoyable to taste something after a while of not having had it. Tap here to watch our new animated stories. Short Stories Stories listing Top 10 Newest stories collections my favorites magic and fantasy real world big concepts funny stories tender and sensitive Animated stories Picture stories Audio stories Download stories Our own tales -audio Classic Tales Tale Teaching benefits of storytelling how to tell stories how to create stories Imaginative Ideas for Stories About Contact The Author Tales usage rules link to us!!The human mind is incredibly complex - and sometimes incredibly simple.

We learn by associating one thing with another. When two different things regularly happen at the same time, even if they are otherwise unconnected with each other, our minds learn to link them together. Eventually, our minds come to believe that they belong together. Your clients may not realize that watching TV is trance inducing. They may not realize that the reason they don't notice how much they eat when in front of the TV is that this behaviour has become unconscious.

So there are two tasks ahead of you. In the pre-talk you educate your client about the real effects of watching TV, and remind them of the importance of being conscious. And then you make deliberate use of trance to help them dissociate TV and eating and become really conscious eaters with a lifestyle which balances activity, relaxation and nutrition.

drama script on junk food

TV Junk Food Script has been purchased by 90 customers. Why you can relax about buying from Uncommon Knowledge TV Junk Food Script. Our four professional hypnotherapists work on every product.

Real English Conversation: junk food (part 1 of 3)

Uncommon Knowledge was formed inand since then we've trained over 24, people at face-to-face events. We've served overself hypnosis audio sessions and treated more than 5, patients in therapy.

drama script on junk food

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Skip to Main Content. Members Login Register Help? My Cart 0 items. Hello, what can we help you with? Home Hypnosis Audios Please choose a category below In most cases this linking process is of little consequence and is quite harmless. But not when you are sitting in front of your TV putting fattening foods into yourself. Please put your mind at rest - every hypnosis script is crafted by our team of 4 experienced hypnotherapist trainers and psychologists, so you are getting the very best scripts available.

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The Burger who didn’t want to be junk food

A community effort sharing theatrical works written by Christians around the world, the majority available free of charge.Over the past few decades, vada pav, samosas, doughnuts, pizzas, burgers, rolls, wraps, frankies, french fries, etc have penetrated every corner our country. And all your delicious, favourite foods do complete justice to what the name signifies.

The consequences that these junk food have on your health are terrible, irrespective of whether you have them once in a while, twice in a week or every day. Take a look at how these junk play a crucial role in deteriorating your health. Junk food may be the reason behind your fatigue: Although junk food and fast food makes you feel full and satisfied, they lack all the necessary nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates to keep your body energized and healthy.

It can lower your energy levels to an extent that it may become difficult for you to even perform your daily tasks. Junks food may lead to depression in teenagers: A lot of hormonal changes take place in teenagers which makes them susceptible to mood swings and behavioural changes. And a healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining that hormonal balance. Because junk food lack those essential nutrients, the likelihood of teenagers to suffer from depression is increased by 58 percent.

It impairs digestion: Those who are addicted to fatty junk food are bound to have digestive problems like gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD and irritable bowel syndrome IBS. So, the oil from the junk food gets deposited in the stomach causing acidity.

They cause irritation of the stomach lining because they are too spicy, and they also lack fibre which is important for proper digestion. It causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels: Junk food is high in refined sugar which puts your metabolism under stress.

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Refined sugar causes the pancreas to secrete more amount of insulin in order to prevent a drastic spike in your blood sugar levels. Because junk food lacks sufficient levels of good carbohydrates and proteins, the levels of blood sugar drop suddenly after you eat. This makes you feel irritable and further increases you craving for more junk food. It affects the brain function: A study published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity shows that one week of eating junk food is enough to trigger memory impairment in rats.

Recent research suggests that bad fats trans fats from junk food tends to replace healthy fats in the brain and interferes with its normal signalling mechanism. Studies in animals have also shown that fats from junk food slow down the ability to learn new skills. It increases the risk of heart disease: Junks food increases cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are major risk factors for the development of heart diseases.

Moreover, fats from junk food accumulate over the time in your body to make you obese. The more weight you put on, the higher your risk of suffering from heart attack.

It can cause kidney disease: The reason why you can never say no to fries and chips is because they contain high amount of finely processed salt which increases salivation and secretion of enzymes that enhances your cravings. High amount of bad fats and sodium from salt increases blood pressure and affects the kidney function. It can damage your liver: High levels of trans fats found in a number of junk food can cause deposition of fats in the liver, which can cause liver dysfunction.

It can cause type 2 diabetes: When you eat a healthy diet, your body gets a steady supply of glucose which helps to maintain insulin sensitivity. But when you eat only junk food, the excessive stress exerted on your metabolism can affect the ability of your body to use insulin properly.

drama script on junk food

It increases your risk of cancer: A study published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention revealed that consuming too much of fast foods that are high in sugar and fat can increase your chances of developing colorectal cancer.

Another study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle showed that men who ate fried foods more than twice in a month had increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

Shraddha Rupavate — Health. India lagging far behind on testing. Read More. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. I am already a fan, don't show this again. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:.For every human being, good health is the necessity of living a healthy life.

So, there is a need to maintain the healthy diet and healthy habits throughout the life. In this scenario, every one of us is enjoying well the taste of junk food because it is delicious, affordable and readily available.

The consumption of eating junk food is increasing day by day and making us diseased. Jacobson in The junk food is the food that contains higher calories than the sugar or fat. It contains less vitamin, protein, and minerals.

So, it is less nutritious and harmful for the body system. Junk food refers to generally the heavy and unhealthy diet. It always looks attractive and yummy for the people of every age group.

But what they look from outside never become from inside. People of all age groups like to eat junk food and they choose to eat it whenever they enjoy special time with family like a birthday party, marriage anniversary, etc. They easily become used to of taking soft drinks, wafers, chips, noodles, burgers, pizza, french fries, Chinese dishes, fried foods, candy, baked goods, ice creams, cookies and other varieties of fast food available in the market.

No junk food provides of them anyone any nutritious value. It can create the following problems to the body. Although junk food satisfies your hunger, it provides little nutrition. But the continuous dependency on nutrient-poor foods can leave you with too little appetite for more nutritious foods, increasing your risk of nutritional deficiencies. The average American diet is deficient in fiber, omega-3 fats, magnesium, and calcium, writes Dr.

Steven Masley on ClinicalAdvisor. Highly processed foods contain little fiber, a substance your body needs for a healthy gastrointestinal tract and for control of cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are the main sources of fiber, as well as many other essential nutrients.

JUNK FOOD vs HEALTHY FOOD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Natural whole foods like vegetables, whole grain products contain fewer calories by volume than junk foods. For example, a g serving of plain baked potato provides 93 calories compared to calories in g of restaurant french fries. As the fast foods are so high in calories, frequenting fast food restaurants increases your risk of unhealthy weight gain.

Your body needs some fat for health, but junk food provides primarily fats that harm your health.

drama script on junk food

These man-made, processed fats are common in commercial baked goods. Processed, packaged foods are often high in salt, or sodium. Excess sodium in your diet can increase your risk of high blood pressure and hence it leads to several heart problems. A diet that provides large amounts of processed carbohydrates like those in candy, commercial baked goods, and potato chips promotes the insulin resistance.

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